Cosmos - 1809

Сosmos-1809 (K-1809) Satellite was launched into a circular orbit with an apogee of 980 km, a perigee of 950 km, an inclination of 82.5 ° on December 18, 1986 and operated until May 21, 1993. Cosmos-1809 was a copy of the Interkosmos-19 satellite with the system impulse sounding of the ionosphere. Main project results were the following:
the impact of aftershocks of the 1988 Spitak earthquake on the upper ionosphere, specific ELF noises were found;
changes in the parameters of the surface plasma  were recorded;
the effects of powerful explosions on the ionosphere, the formation of long-lived structures, which are supported by the passage of whistlers, were discovered;
interaction of typhoons with the ionosphere, in some cases the formation of a typhoon "eye" in the ionosphere was observed a day before it appeared in the atmosphere.

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