Vega-1, Vega-2

The prime objective of the magnetometer experiment MISCHA (Magnetic field in Interplanetary Space during Comet Halley's Approach) carried by Vega - 1 and Vega - 2 was to determine the role of the magnetic field in the interaction between the solar wind and the comet and to identify the characteristic boundaries of the cometary environment (bow shock, contact surface, etc.). For magnetic field measurement two-sensor fluxgate system was used. The advantage of this dual-sensor fluxgate system is possibility to determine the spacecraft's stray magnetic field. Ttriaxial sensor was mounted on a boom at the end of the solar panel and one axial sensor mounted on meter closer it to the spacecraft (spin) axis. The instrument had a dynamic range of ± 100 nT and a sensitivity of 0.05 nT. It measured magnetic field vector with a sampling frequency of 10 vectors per second. 

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